This is some work I did on a couple of video covers for Yvonne Du Toit, a television producer in South Africa. These videos are documentaries about the life and work of world reknowned artist Vladimir Tretchikoff.
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Yvonne Du Toit is a television producer living in South Africa. For years she worked with world renowned artist Vladimir Tretchikoff and made two biographical documentaries about his life. She writes:

"I have an archive of footage of the late Vladimir Tretchikoff, one of the most famous artists of all time. The footage is unique.

The artist born in Russia, became a naturalized South African citizen in 1957 and played a very important part in the history of South African Art. The footage uncovers a part of Tretchikoff's life that no one else has ever filmed. In fact the five years during the war are usually glossed over saying he was "imprisoned in Java". His first three months in Java were spent in prison in solitary confinement but he was released on parole and met and fell in love with a Eurasian woman, who became his model, muse and mistress. The next five years spent in Djakarta were extremely important ones regarding his work. It is here that he created some of his finest work, for two important reasons.

Without a family to support, he could concentrate solely on his art. Lenka implored him not to sell his work, but to stockpile it, so that when the war ended he could fulfil his dreams and exhibit his work in the West. I have extensive footage on Betacam SP, professionally shot. Whilst researching for my documentary and spending much time with Tretchikoff we became friends. He spoke so highly, and often of his model Lenka and as the fascinating story of their life together unfolded, he admitted that not only was she his model and muse, but the love of his life. I longed to meet her. He agreed that I could and put me in touch with her. We became firm friends and met on numerous occasions. She allowed me exclusive rights to shoot her story on video.

The war ended in 1945 and Lenka took him to the Red Cross to see whether he could trace his family. His wife and daughter had been evacuated Destination Unknown and were found to be living in South Africa, in Cape Town. Tretchi and Lenka were deeplyh in love. The thought parting was agonizing. She made the decision for both of them, saying she could compete with any woman, but would not deprive a child of her father.

And so it was Tretchikoff came to South Africa. He arrived in Cape Town, penniless at the end of 1946 when Apartheid was all but entrenched. He was excited to be with his family again, but Lenka, his beautiful Eurasian love, longed for him in Java. I've got extensive footage with in-depth interviews with Tretchikoff, Lenka, his family, Art critics, Artists, journalists, hundreds of his paintings and early sketches, cartoons and work executed in Singapore before 1939. There are shots of his home, rock garden, him at work, The Ten Commandment medallions struck in gold, his scrapbook documenting his life and much other footage as well.

After the barriers of Apartheid fell in 1994, I brought Lenka to South Africa to be reunited with Tretchi. Lenka is a wonderful woman and presents very well on camera. All this footage is unique and should you have any interest in the subject, I can arrange for you to see it. I have a collection of about forty tapes."

The two documentaries that Yvonne produced are:



Both videos were Produced by Yvonne du Toit

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